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Fujitsu LifeBook AH550 Battery

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Fujitsu LifeBook AH550 Battery

Kaby Lake isn't huge. It's about twice the size of California's Lake Tahoe -- a popular vacation spot for Silicon Valley residents. But Kaby Lake doesn't do either of those things. The circuits are the same 14 nanometer size as Intel's earlier Skylake and Broadwell chips, and it's not a new architecture either. Intel had been trying to shrink down to 10nm with a processor called Cannonlake, but those chips were delayed.Oh. No, it appears to be an actual lake in Canada. Maybe the CEO enjoys hunting moose in his spare time?Is Kaby Lake any better than my existing computer processor?Intel thinks so! The company says its thin laptop chips are 12 percent faster than Skylake in raw performance, and far more efficient at decoding 4K video.In fact, Intel claims you could get 3 more hours of battery life while streaming YouTube 4K videos (7 vs. 4 hours) compared to last year's chips.And for gamers, the company even showed an incredibly thin laptop playing fast-paced shooter Overwatch reasonably well.It's not too surprising that Intel's Kaby Lake CPU ran 12 percent faster than the comparable Skylake -- because the new chip is clocked 12 percent faster anyhow! Which could be a problem, because faster clock speeds tend to generate more heat and consume more battery as well.

Intel shows performance gains of 12 percent. Perhaps it's because the chip is working 12 percent harder? And while Intel's battery life numbers for 4K video are hard to ignore, Intel tells me that battery life should be "similar" -- not necessarily better than Skylake -- across other kinds of workloads.We could easily be in a situation like Intel's Broadwell vs. Haswell, where the company claimed better performance with the same battery life, but devices actually consumed a bit more battery in real-world use. I'm optimistic, though, and we'll need to test for sure.I wouldn't get too excited just yet. We took a closer look at Overwatch on a Dell XPS 13 with the new Intel chip, and it ran pretty smooth...but with a few caveats. Judge for yourself: Also note that Intel may still have some more powerful graphics in the near future: we haven't yet seen how far the company's souped-up Intel Iris graphics have come.

Are there any sleek new laptops or tablets coming with Kaby Lake, at least?We also saw a sleek HP Spectre with a new OLED panel, a refreshed Dell XPS 13, and a 6.9mm-thick Asus detachable tablet -- the Asus T305 -- with a fingerprint reader built right into the power button.Intel says there'll be over 100 different slim computers with Kaby Lake chips by the end of the year.Well, that's the other thing...we'll see the first Kaby Lake computers in September and October, but only the types of chips that go into thin laptops and tablets.Quad-core laptop chips (like you'd find in a MacBook Pro), laptop chips with Iris graphics, business-class laptop chips with vPro and desktop chips won't appear until early next year.On the plus side, rumor has it you won't need a new motherboard for Kaby Lake desktop chips. They'll allegedly use the same LGA1151 socket as their Skylake predecessors.

Depends on Apple (and Intel), but there's a decent chance they won't. Apple typically uses the most powerful Intel laptop processors available -- the 28-watt ones with better Intel graphics -- and again, Intel says they won't be ready until early next year.That's not nearly enough time to get them ready for Apple's September 7 event.However, Bloomberg reports that Apple won't refresh the Macs until later this year, and it wouldn't be the first time Intel has given chips to Apple ahead of schedule.And if Apple decides to refresh the MacBook Air -- another Bloomberg rumor -- those thinner Intel laptop chips are now ready.It definitely couldn't hurt. It's usually better to get the latest and greatest if you can afford it -- and Kaby Lake definitely sounds better if you watch 4K video. But as I've outlined above, most PCs probably won't get a big boost to performance or battery life with Kaby Lake silicon.

The real reason to wait: you'll almost certainly find some excellent discounts on Skylake computers once Kaby Lake hits the market.The Intel rival's new built-from-the-ground-up chips sound promising, but you won't be able to drop one into a desktop till 2017. AMD's new laptop chips will take even longer -- expect them in the second half of next year.How will I tell Kaby Lake apart from previous processors when I'm computer shopping?In one important way, Intel's making it easier than ever before: it'll say "7th gen" right on the familiar Intel sticker you'll find on the palmrest of a new laptop. It's a change we've been asking for.Ever heard of Core M, Intel's line of ultra-low-power 4.5-watt processors for incredibly thin, fanless PCs?As of now, the company's Core m5 and Core m7 processors are part of the Core i5 and Core i7 family, respectively. That means if you purchase a laptop with a "Core i7" label, it may not offer nearly the same sustained performance as a Core i7 machine from last year.

A new TV app (really, that's its name) offers unified search across all your Apple devices and your iTunes catalog to, for example, show you the videos you were in the middle off (What's Next, Watch Now). And, of course, the single sign-on capability we've been waiting for.Tim Cook then moved on to the Mac, with a recap of MacOS Sierra and noting that it's the 25th anniversary of the first Apple notebook and listed all the ways in which Apple redefined the laptop.The new MacBook Pro is "absolutely incredible." Of course. It has an improved Retina display and the customizable Touch Bar we've been hearing about for a while, which replaces the function keys with a context-sensitive touch strip that can also extend an application's interface controls. It's really cool -- think color picker and waveform display on the keyboard. To me, it seems to make multitouch obsolete. They have an all-aluminum design in silver and Space Gray (though they're the "new gold standard"). A new Apple T1 chip drives the new Touch ID sensor, which. in addition to everything else, supports user switching. And there's still a headphone jack.

The 13-inch MacBook and 15-inch models are thinner (does anyone really care?) and weigh 3 and 4 pounds, respectively (OK, that's good). A new trackpad is larger with an updated Force Touch mechanism; the keyboard is the same as that of the 12-inch MacBook. There are four Thunderbolt 3 ports for USB-C charging -- no more older USB versions or MagSafe adapter. They can drive higher-resolution monitors, like the LG Ultrafine 5K display that Apple unveiled, which replaces the company's own external display. They offer up to 10 hours of battery life.The cheapest version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro ($1,500) does not have the Touch Bar and only two Thunderbolt ports; the better 13-inch model with all the cool new features is $1,800. The 15-inch starts at $2,400 (ouch!). The Tool Bar-equipped models start shipping in about two to three weeks. And the 13-inch MacBook Air still exists.

Apple's MacBook lineup has finally been updated, which is great news. But what does that mean, and what laptops are available? Here's what you need to know after Apple's event.Top-end: Apple's new MacBook Pro The newest MacBook Pro line comes in three flavors: two 13-inch models, and a 15-inch. They all have thinner bodies, larger touchpads and faster processors, and all ports have shifted to a USB-C type Thunderbolt 3 connection.But the upper-end 13-inch and all 15-inch Pros have a Touch Bar with Touch ID, which steals the show. The mini touch strip contextually changes to icons in different apps. Sliders, hot keys and function buttons emerge on the fly as needed, almost like a bit of an iPad flew onto the keyboard of the MacBook.Another entry-level MacBook Pro aims to be the budget model, minus that crazy magic Touch Bar. Also, it only has two USB-C ports with Thunderbolt support instead of four. But you save a few hundred dollars or pounds. Who's it for? Maybe someone who was looking for a new 13-inch MacBook Air, because this is the closest you'll get.

Ive isn't particularly impressed by touchscreen PCs, which is why we won't see a touchscreen in the Mac. It's also why Apple won't meld Macs and iOS devices into something new, marketing chief Phil Schiller and software engineering lead Craig Federighi say in an exclusive interview before Thursday's launch of the new MacBook Pros, which start at $1,499.Simply put, the people who helped popularize the touchscreen don't think it's how you should interact with a laptop.Instead, they came up with something Apple calls a Touch Bar -- a multitouch display built into the top row of the MacBook Pro's keyboard. It lights up with a menu of buttons, control sliders, dials and tools, which change with the app you're using. Taking the place of function keys, the Touch Bar brings up autofill choices as you type and lets you scroll through photos or jump to your favorite websites in Safari."What we wanted to do was bring all this advanced technology of multitouch and Retina displays down to where your hands can take advantage of them on a laptop," Schiller says. "As far as our eye can see, there will still be a place for this basic laptop architecture."

Four years ago, Microsoft's Windows 8 software enabled PC makers to build computers with touchscreens. Since then, Asus, Dell, HP and others have released all-in-one devices, like Apple's iMac but with a touchscreen. They also offer laptops that convert to tablets when you twist or snap off the keyboard.The MacBook Pro comes in a thinner and lighter package, and packs in faster processors and a Touch Bar strip. With last year's release of Windows 10, touchscreen hybrids have become mainstream. But that hasn't stopped PC shipments from declining for eight straight quarters, "the longest duration of decline in the history of the PC industry," according to research firm Gartner. That's in part because people are choosing mobile devices, like phones, over computers."The push for mobility is hurting PC sales," Gartner analyst Brian Blau says. "We've seen that quarter after quarter."Microsoft claims its $899 Surface Pro tablet with a detachable keyboard and stylus and its $1,499 Surface Book have lured users away from the Mac.

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