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Dell FRR0G Battery

Of course, a thin laptop's Core i7 chip already wasn't as powerful as a thick laptop's Core i7 chip, and neither were as powerful as a Core i7 desktop chip, so perhaps we're just continuing that trend. These days, it's really the size of your PC that indicates its potential performance.Besides, you can still tell the M chips apart if you look at the full model number. If you see a Y (e.g. Core i7-7Y75), it's one of the lower-performance processors.The new MacBook Pro is here, available for preorder today, and in many ways it's a very different machine. It might look similar, but it's thinner and lighter, with far more power under the hood, a radically redesigned keyboard and a tiny, potentially amazing touchscreen.Heck, the 13-inch MacBook Pro is smaller than a 13-inch MacBook Air now.But what do you truly get if you upgrade, and what do you give up? Here's a handy guide to everything that changes if you trade in your old Mac for a shiny new Pro. (Click here if you'd prefer a giant spec sheet.)Just scroll down until you see your current Mac. Here's how to find out which Mac you own.

Even if you just bought a MacBook Pro last year, the new versions are a pretty big bump -- because Apple hadn't meaningfully refreshed the lineup in quite some time.Truth be told, there aren't as many direct competitors as you'd think. The recently upgraded Microsoft Surface Book, the 14-inch Razer Blade and the Dell XPS 15 are the main machines you'd probably buy instead -- if you're looking for a lot of processing power in a fairly thin frame.Because the new Macs haven't moved past Intel's sixth-gen Core processors, they may not actually have much of a speed boost over the Windows competition -- though brand-new AMD graphics may definitely help. Apple claims new MacBook Pros each have twice the graphical power of the ones it released in 2015.Still, that's only on the 15-inch model: most of these Windows machines will likely trounce the 13-inch MacBook Pro's integrated graphics in games and other graphically intensive tasks.

And as you can see from the chart, the weight and size advantages also aren't as big as you'd think. Windows machines have made some major strides in the last few years while Apple was working on its big new update.On paper, battery life is definitely still the best reason to buy a Mac, unless you count the Surface Book -- but the Surface Book will likely have a dual-core processor. It's impressive that Apple is quoting 10 hours for the 15-inch quad-core. If you want a touchscreen or stylus, Windows is the way to go.And there's always way more to any computer than you'll see in a spec sheet, even when it comes to specs: we're very curious how Apple's speedy new solid-state storage and improved display stack up, too.Plus, the new USB-C ports might make Apple's computer easier to charge -- both Microsoft and Razer's machines use proprietary chargers instead of the new USB charging standard.

For a lot of people, today has been a long time coming: Apple announced completely redesigned MacBook Pros. The new models are thinner and lighter, but also come with a Force Touch trackpad a brand new shortcut interface called the Touch Bar. There's even a fingerprint sensor for using Touch ID.If you're considering a new Mac, you have a lot of options in regard to price and specs.On paper, you are going to need at least $1,299 to get into a new Mac. The 12-inch MacBook and last year's 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina screen can both be had for that price. But the newer Macs announced today start at $1,499. If you want that nifty Touch Bar (which you do) then, the price steps up to $1,799. And if you want a bigger screen, a 15-incher will run you at least $2,399.Really there's three choices, and all have a Retina display. There's the super svelte 12-inch MacBook, the new 13.3-inch MacBook Pro and for those who love big screens (or who have older eyes) there's the 15-inch MacBook Pro. It should be noted that all these Macs are simple to connect to a monitor or television (though you will most likely need an adapter of some kind).

One of the biggest updates are the processors. Apple jumped from using Intel Haswell processors to Skylake. The benefits are more efficient power management and even faster performance -- which is great for multitaskers, video gamers and creative professionals. Of course, until we get our hands on the new Macs we won't know for sure just how much faster they are.You can now get a pro laptop from Apple that's not just Silver -- there's also Space Gray. Apple also made the MacBook Pros even thinner and lighter. The 15-inch model has 20 percent less volume. This is great news for mobile professionals. It'll make travel even easier. The new 13-inch MacBook Pro comes in two body options: one with the Touch Bar and one without.There were a lot of rumors that Apple would remove the function keys and replace it with a touch strip. Well, they did. The Touch Bar is a thin Retina display that is multitouch friendly. Depending on the app you're using, different buttons and controls appear on the Touch Bar. One of the cooler uses Apple demoed was using the Touch Bar to edit an image in Photoshop.

As exciting as the Touch Bar is, it only comes on the 15-inch MacBook Pro and the higher end 13-inch MacBook Pro. The 12-inch MacBook doesn't have one. But if you want that new body design without the Touch Bar, there is a lower end 13-inch option.During the Apple announcement, Phil Schiller made a point of showing how the new MacBook Pros compared size-wise against the much beloved MacBook Air. Let's just say, the MacBook Air looked a bit chunky next to the new models. But Apple has decided to keep the MacBook Air around -- well, just the 13-inch model. The price is now $999.Apple's newly refreshed laptop line may be a hit in stores, but many are still concerned that the MacBook Pros aren't quite "pro" enough.The electronics giant may assuage some of those concerns later this year, predicts KGI Securities analyst and Apple Nostradamus Ming-Chi Kuo.Kuo, who last year correctly anticipated that Apple would overhaul the MacBook Pro line to include a touchscreen in place of function keys, said the company will release a 15-inch MacBook equipped with 32GB of RAM in the fourth quarter, MacRumors reported Monday.

This appears to be separate to a refreshment for 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pros, which he said will start offering Intel's new Kaby Lake processors in the third quarter. In the second quarter, Kuo predicts, Apple will update its 12-inch MacBook line with the new processors, as well as a 16GB RAM option. (They currently offer 8GB.)The new processors could potentially address one criticism some had of the new MacBook Pros: their not-much-improved battery life. The 32GB RAM MacBook, which Kuo said will be the "most significantly redesigned product this year," is likely geared toward art professionals, who need RAM for video, audio and photo editing.While Apple relies heavily on its iPhones for its revenue, Apple's computers are the heart and origin of the company. Apple's reputation is especially renowned among creative professionals, who are willing to pay the steep price for Macs and MacBooks but also expect Apple to keep up with the competition on the basics like battery life.Kuo has an impressive record when it comes to Apple predictions. Other than his 2016 MacBook Pro redesign, his correct predictions have included the Apple Watch 2 and its onboard GPS, as well as the 2016 release of a 4-inch iPhone, which became the SE.

Well, in addition to being slimmer, lighter, faster and yadda yadda yadda -- the typical updates everyone expects -- the new MacBook Pros feature a fancy Retina touchscreen on the top of the keyboard that replaces the function keys.The Touch Bar has an integrated Touch ID sensor and Apple exhaustively demoed how advantageous it can be for photo and video editing, as well as for DJs. The downside to the new MacBook Pros is that they also come at a high price.Below is a breakdown of the differences between the old MacBook Pro models and the new ones, broken down by size. If you're interested in a new model, but not completely sold on the idea, the cheaper pricing of an older model might sway you.Apple on Thursday revealed its newest MacBook Pro laptop, which includes a new interactive, customizable touch strip above the keyboard called Touch Bar."The Mac is more than a product to us," CEO Tim Cook told the crowd at the Town Hall auditorium at the company's Cupertino, California, headquarters. "It's a testament to everything we do and everything we create at Apple."

Instead of including a full-blown touchscreen like most new Windows computers, Apple offered up the Touch Bar. The bar lights up with a menu of buttons, control sliders, dials and tools, which change with the app you're using. Taking the place of function keys, the Touch Bar brings up autofill choices as you type, lets you edit videos in Final Cut Pro or straighten photos in the Photos app. Users can also customize the Touch Bar by dragging and dropping new tools into it.The new MacBook Pro is also the first Mac to include Touch ID. That feature was added right into the Touch Bar where the power button has been located. It allows users to log into their devices with their thumbprints (you can also have multiple accounts for shared family computers) and securely pay for items online with Apple Pay.Apple is hoping these new MacBook Pros will reinvigorate its computer sales amid a bruising downturn in the PC market. The company is also facing new competition from Microsoft, which on Wednesday revealed the new Surface Studio all-in-one desktop computer and has bulked up its line of Surface devices.

"Apple's laptops no longer enjoy the kind of big hardware advantage they've had in the past," said analyst Jan Dawson of Jackdaw Research on Thursday. He said the big difference he sees now is the "philosophical approach" between Apple and Microsoft of offering a touchscreen PC or not.There are two sizes of the new MacBook Pro. The 13-inch model of the MacBook Pro is 14.9mm thick, weighs 3 pounds and starts at $1,799. The 15-inch model is 15.5mm thick, weighs 4 pounds and starts at $2,399. That's compared to 18mm for the previous 13- and 15-inch Pros, which were both about a half pound heavier than their replacements.There is also another 13-inch MacBook Pro without Touch Bar and Touch ID, priced at $1,499. While Apple will continue to produce the 13-inch MacBook Air, it positioned this lower-tier MacBook Pro as a potential replacement.Additionally, the new MacBook Pros include larger trackpads, refined keyboard designs, brighter displays that consume less energy, and redesigned speakers. Overall, the new MacBooks have about 10 hours of battery life, equal to the older 13-inch MacBook Pros and an hour longer than the older 15-inch machines.

Ahead of Thursday's event, rumors circulated about a new MacBook Pro with an OLED touch bar above the keyboard.Apple's line of MacBook laptops and iMac desktops has faced double-digit declines in sales for most of the past year. Mac's weakness comes at a bad time for the company, since the iPhone -- Apple's biggest moneymaker -- has also seen three straight quarters of weaker sales and its iPad tablet business is struggling to keep up growth.Apple's last big change to the MacBook line came in March 2015, when the tech giant revealed the new MacBook, a super-slim laptop with a force-sensitive track pad and just two ports, a USB-C port and headphone jack. During that March product event, Apple also updated the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air with faster processors.While these devices failed to re-energize sales, the Mac line remains a very important one for Apple, not just because it was founded as a personal-computer company. Macs continue to generate billions of dollars in sales for Apple, helping the company diversify its revenue and avoid relying too heavily on the iPhone.

It seems like only yesterday that Apple hosted its iPhone 7 circus, and now we're back for the company's MacBook 2016 launch, a much smaller event at the company's headquarters.The event started with a video highlighting the accessibility features of Apple's products, and announced a new site to highlight all the accessibile aspects of them -- an interesting low-key departure for the company. That was followed by the usual yada-yada recap of recent announcements and products: the iPhone 7 is terrific, its camera is incredible, iOS 10 is awesome and so on. There was a lot of "awesome."Then we started with the real interesting news, starting with Apple TV software: Apple considers apps the future of TV, and talked about its Unified TV Experience. More importantly, Minecraft is coming by the end of the year! Next stop: interactive and social. So you'll be able to view videos and posts from social media sites, like Twitter, related to the video you're watching.

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