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Asus A32-F52 Battery

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Asus A32-F52 Battery

Interested consumers will likely ask: what's the difference between this "small business-oriented" Mini 1103 and HP's consumer-branded HP Mini 210, a perennial top pick at CNET among Netbooks? Mostly, not much. In terms of design, the Mini 1103 is spartan. Black is the only option, unlike HP's spectrum of Mini 210 colors. The price is better with the Mini 1103: instead of mid-$300s for a Netbook, the 1103's $299 price puts it on par with the least expensive Netbooks from Acer and Asus. Feature-wise, the 1103 actually comes out on top; instead of removing any features to hit $299, the Mini Glossy black on the outside, matte black on the inside, the Mini 1103 has a clean, inoffensive look that doesn't try too hard. The plastic Netbook is lightweight, although slightly thick with the curved lid closed. To eliminate battery bulge, the long-life battery in the Mini 1103 is largely tucked into the space between the hinges. The top lid opens up completely to a flat 180 degrees, affording plenty of flexibility when lap-typing. Its design is an analogue to HP's consumer Netbooks, and is nothing like the high-end, crisp design of the more expensive HP Mini 5103. This one's a rental car compared with the Mini 5103's luxury coupe touches.

The flat keyboard and its surrounding deck are treated in matte black plastic that has a budget feel, but is sturdy and flex-free. The keyboard isn't full-size, but it's close enough to allow easy and fast typing. Enter and Shift keys are amply sized, and the volume/brightness buttons on top are function-reversed, meaning that they operate directly without requiring a Function button-press.The multitouch touch pad beneath is wide but very narrow, making for awkward navigation. Two large discrete buttons beneath are generous, but the design would have made a lot more sense as a clickpad, thus saving real estate. We can't expect too much out of a budget Netbook, but Asus' Eee PC touch pads are more comfortably designed. The Synaptics touch-based gestures are varied, but hard to execute on such a small surface area.The 10.1-inch LED-backlit matte display on the Mini 1103 looks better in direct light than other displays because it foregoes the glossy treatment on the majority of laptops, but the maximum brightness isn't that high. The 1,024x600-pixel native resolution is standard for 10-inch Netbooks, offering easily readable text and clear-quality images and video, but browser windows and document layouts end up with less user real estate. Web browsing suffers the most, especially with multiple toolbars.

Video and audio playback aren't the strong suits of the Mini 1103, nor are they with any Atom processor-based Netbook. The front-facing stereo speakers built into the lower edge of the laptop achieve functional audio, but cap at an insufficiently low volume for Hulu and other movie playback with a wide sound range. The screen on the Mini 1103 has very limited viewing angles, and is best for single-user watching. A VGA Webcam included with the Mini 1103 has average recording and picture quality.The Mini 1103 has three USB 2.0 ports and an Ethernet port hidden away behind a flap on the right side; it also has Bluetooth, a rarity among budget Netbooks. Also included is a high-speed 7,200rpm 250GB hard drive, a step up and a contributor to zippier file-opening speeds. However, other specs are standard-issue for budget Netbooks: 1GB of RAM and Windows 7 Starter. This Netbook also lacks HDMI-out, so hooking it up to TV could be a hassle.The single-core Atom N455 CPU is perfectly capable for basic tasks such as Web browsing, e-mail, and office document work, even some light multitasking, but the experience slows down significantly with any added multimedia tasks. Playback of full-screen streaming Hulu and Netflix videos degraded into choppiness while still being technically watchable, depending on your definition of watchable.

Bottom line: all Atom Netbooks are limited computing platforms that are fine as long as your expectations are curbed, and your concerns lie more toward size and budget than all-purpose use. There are no dedicated graphics, but the Mini 1103 could easily play casual Web-based games and the like.Asus may have invented netbooks, but Samsung has made some of the best models to grace the market. The NF110 has plenty to live up to, then. With a price tag of £280 and slick styling, the initial signs are promising.Netbooks have a tendency to look quite similar, but the NF110 certainly stands out from the crowd. Like the Samsung NF210, the NF110's chassis has a very distinctive, sculpted shape. The edges of the chassis on either side of the keyboard curve upwards, creating an organic, wave-like appearance.The netbook's design also benefits from the use of three different colours on the chassis. The lid and base of the chassis are finished in black, with a red highlight around the edge, while opening up the netbook reveals a matte white screen surround and keyboard. It all adds up to a very stylish machine. The netbook is also very light and fairly compact, weighing in at a mere 1.3kg and measuring just 265 by 29 by 189mm.

There are no surprises when it comes to the range of ports on offer. There are three USB ports, along with an Ethernet socket, SD card reader and VGA output. Sadly, Samsung hasn't managed to squeeze in an HDMI socket, but, at this price point, that's not a huge surprise.A 250GB hard drive provides a decent amount of room for storing your media files and work documents. Along with 802.11n Wi-Fi, the NF110 supports Bluetooth connectivity. Unusually for a netbook, the NF110's speakers actually sound quite decent. They're not exactly hi-fi-quality, but they're quite loud and rival those found in many larger laptops.The NF110 has one of the better 10.1-inch displays we've seen on a netbook. Its resolution of 1,024x600 pixels may be fairly standard, but it's finished with a matte, rather than glossy, coating, so screen reflections aren't an issue. That's something your eyes will thank you for after a long day's work. The screen is also very bright, and colours are punchy, so pictures and movies look rich and vibrant. Viewing angles are excellent too, and the backlighting is pretty uniform across the screen.

Asustek Computer may still be best known for its low-cost Netbooks, and occasional high-end reaches such as its Republic of Gamers desktop replacements, but the company churns out a fair number of middle-of-the-road systems as well. The Asus U41JF is a solidly built 14-inch notebook that will work fine for nearly any mainstream task, but at the same time is no bargain at $849. Worse, it's easily outclassed in the design department by its 13-inch cousin, the Asus U36JC, which costs around the same, but is thinner, lighter, and more attractive, and has similar discrete graphics and a better processor.Neither model has Intel's new second-gen Core i-series processors (formerly code-named Sandy Bridge), but for mainstream systems such as this, that upgrade may take a while to hit store shelves, especially given Intel's recent troubles with the new platform.At prices approaching Apple's MacBook (and topping Toshiba's 13-inch R705), unless you're wedded to the idea of the system's Nvidia GeForce 425M graphics, there are better-priced or nicer-looking laptops out there. That said, the U41JF has really good battery life, and never really let us down, which may sound like faint praise, but is praise nonetheless.

The biggest immediate problem we had with the Asus U41JF was its overall look. The brushed metal lid and wrist rest are standard enough, and not offensive, but that's paired with a glossy black keyboard tray (with matte black keyboard) and screen bezel that extend to the four edges of the chassis. This gives the entire device a gaudy two-tone look that we've previously criticized on other systems. If you can't go monochrome, at least keep the colors in the same family.The body itself is angular and boxy, but not overly thick for a 14-inch system. We're not aesthetic elitists by any means, but with laptops mostly being constructed from the same core set of components, the visual flair is often what sells one model over another.The keyboard has the same flat-topped, widely spaced keys as most current laptops, which is a style we sometimes call island or Chiclet keys. The keys are a good size, with large Left Shift and Enter keys, but the Right Shift key gets unfairly shortened. We're also not a fan of the extra row of buttons some laptop makers are adding to the far right side, which are typically Page Up, Page Down, and other movement keys. They can throw off your touch typing pretty easily, making it hard to hit the Enter and Shift keys if you're used to them being on the far right side of the keyboard. Additionally, the keyboard flexed under our fingers in the middle while we were typing, which never makes for a good long-term experience.

A generous touch pad is centered under the keyboard, but its basic multitouch gestures are hit or miss (however, the same could be said of most Windows laptops right now). One nice touch is that you can scroll vertically by either swiping one finger along the right edge of the touch pad or by using the Mac-like two-finger method. Under the touch pad, a single rocker bar takes the place of separate left and right mouse buttons. We strongly prefer separate buttons, but Asus seems married to the rocker bar concept across most of its products. The 14.1-inch display has a native resolution of 1,366x768 pixels, which is typical for a midsize laptop. Off-axis viewing was good horizontally, but the image faded quickly when viewed from above or below. The built-in Altec Lansing speakers are decent for a laptop, and at least good enough for personal video viewing. There's nothing notable, or missing, from the U41JF's collection of ports and connections. But for nearly $900, it's possible to find extras such as a mobile broadband antenna or even a Blu-ray player if you shop around.

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